Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions to have the yacht "Hugo" rented

  • Minimum journey duration – 3 hours.
  • First payment upon booking a journey – 50% of the total cost.
  • Reservation for specific dates made having the 1st payment at the amount of 50% of the total cost received.
  • Journey cancelled due to the unexpected weather conditions, e.g. storm – for safety reasons of passengers the new date for the journey is rearranged upon a mutual agreement.
  • Journey cancelled because of customer, there is possibility to have the dates rearranged only if the provider has been informed 5 days before the original dates. In case of customer’s absence, the advance payment is not refunded.
  • All the departures take place from Riga sport sailing center, Matrožu iela 7a, Rīga, (By restaurant Osta).
  • Departures from any other harbor possible under a separate agreement and additional price.
  • Footwear – comfortable shoes without heels and with white or light soles are requested to wear.
  • Clothing – since it is likely to be colder on water than ashore, we suggest to follow and check the weather forecast beforehand as well as take windbreakers or raincoats in case any unexpected weather conditions turn up.
  • Drinks – allowed to drink alcohol, but we urge you to be reasonable. Forbidden to drink red wine or any other liquid/juices in red color on the board!
  • Food – there is a high possibility to get hungry while being in fresh air, therefore taking appetizers and disposable dishes with you is recommended. For your own comfort the kitchen stove for preparing meals is also offered for usage.
  • Swimming from the yacht is allowed only subject to the captain’s instructions.
  • Smoking on the board allowed only in the specified place and time by the captain.
  • During the whole journey, passengers are obliged to respect the instructions of the captain and crew.
  • Captain has the right to stop the journey if any of passengers happens to be in conditions (e.g. fuddle) that might endanger the others or safety of the journey.
  • Captain has the right to discontinue the journey if any of passengers damages the yacht or its inventory.